Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why must you be an ass? A commuters tale.

So they say that to make or break a habit takes 2 weeks. I'm not sure if that is true but today concluded two weeks of commuting by bike (Monday-Thursday) and I can say that I feel great. It's amazing how much one can clear their head when on a bicycle, I have generally gotten home in a better mood than I ever do in a car.

My commute is about 13 miles each way, just long enough in my mind. My route is pretty simple, I basically take one road the whole way, a road which almost shadows Interstate 205 (keep this in mind).

For the most part my commute has been without incident, the way home tonight was the exception to that as I got harassed by a trifecta of motorists.

The first was a chick in a maroon SUV, who decided that she needed to lay into her horn for about a quarter of a mile instead of 1) being patient or 2) going around me.

My second was Donny Douchebag on his crotch rocket who decided it would be funny to gun it past me and swerve into my lane. Why a guy on a motorcycle would 1) not just pass me since the two of us could share a lane with probably 6 feet to spare and 2) not recognize that being exposed and on two wheels doesn't make me a bad person.

My third was a guy in a red pickup that was probably held together by dirt who felt the need to inform me that I was "in a fucking red zone!!"...okay 1) that is not something that exists except in regards to parking and 2) if I was in a mythical "red zone" so was he and since I have the same rights to the road as him...well you get the idea.

What makes all of these even more frustrating is that this road is the only east to west artery that makes sense for me to travel on and for the majority of it I can see the I205, in places I could probably spit down onto it if I tried hard enough. So if you are so bothered by a cyclist and in such a hurry why not take your car down the interstate instead of a 2 lane back road?

If anybody I know treats cyclists this way or knows anyone who does then fucking stop it. It doesn't make you cool and it's not going to get me off the road anyways. What it is going to do is make me run through my head all of the ways I would like for you to have a fiery auto accident on your way home.

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